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Need to know

Need to know,


Learn to play and have fun

Need to know,


Learn to play and have fun

Need to know,


Learn to play and have fun

Need to know,


Learn to play and have fun

you need to know

Sharpen your reflexes to play cash games or beat the bubble in tournaments while having lots of fun!

What’s new

General changes:

• Customizable bet shortcut buttons
• 6+ Hold’em (cash games)
• One Shot (cash games)
• Sit & Go instant tournaments with late registration
• Flight satellite tournaments
• Head-to-head Slot & Go tournaments
• Tournament deals calculated using ICM
• New colours for the poker lobby

Changes specific to phones and tablets:

• Improved table scaling for larger phone screens
• New and improved graphics at the tables
• Clearer visual distinction between active and folded players
• Cash game filter settings that are remembered on phones
• Redesigned cash game lobby

The OK POKER app update is necessary to continue playing poker. To withdraw your consent to the OK POKER app updates, select “No” in the window that appears on screen, then uninstall the app from your computer, phone or tablet.

Practice, practice...

Demo mode

Play all poker variations using demo money. Start with a few games of 5-Card Stud, the easiest kind of poker to master. This variation will help you memorize the relative strength of each poker hand.


Small bets

Cash games requiring 2¢/4¢ bets help you test your strategies, learn a new variation and practice a little before going on. Beginners: 2¢/4¢ represents the respective amounts of small and big blinds.



Freeroll tournaments

When the tournament costs nothing and real money is up for grabs, you can have risk free fun.



The basics

Via OK POKER, players compete against each other in a game of strategy and chance.

See our information pages to understand basic poker principles.



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