Gaming limits, so you can play without going overboard Gaming limits, so you can play without going overboard



Gaming limits, lotoquebec.com Gaming limits, lotoquebec.com

To set your limits


Log in


Go to the

“Manage My Gaming” section of your account.


Enter your money or time limit per day, per week or per month.

Gaming limits, lotoquebec.com

In short

Set or lowered limit:
effective immediately.

Increased limit:
effective 48 hours later.

We want to help you
make informed decisions.

Setting limits is like having
someone watch out for you.

When you know your account settings will keep you from going overboard, you can have even more fun gaming!

Gaming limits, lotoquebec.com
Understanding chance

If you enjoyed this video and would like to demystify the workings of games of chance, check out our site all about responsible gambling. Its content is sure to interest you.
You’ll find the following:

The Games explained section, to help you to understand:

Gaming limits, lotoquebec.com
  • how the symbols you land on are generated

  • the concept of slot machine volatility

  • the law of odds

  • house advantage

  • etc.

The Pat the Decipherer section, where you’ll get answers to questions like this:

Gaming limits, lotoquebec.com
  • Does the amount bet increase your chances of winning?

  • Are the amounts that can be won set in advance?

  • Does a player’s win history affect their chances of winning?

  • Etc.