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“I didn’t want to close the window!”

Robert loves playing online games, but didn’t believe winning a progressive jackpot was possible.

Until something unexpected happened: after a few bets, he won $200, and then he pocketed the the Odds of the Gods slot machine’s progressive jackpot! “I didn’t want to close the window on my tablet for fear that the amount would disappear!” he confided.

With his windfall, he says he’ll be able to devote more time to his passion: motorcycles and classic cars. But above all, he plans to spoil his family.




“I didn’t think it was possible!”

Johanne likes to play games online to relax.

On January 27, she was playing the MegaJackpots® Siberian Storm™ slot machine while taking a bath. When the progressive jackpot popped up on-screen, she didn’t even flinch. “Until I had confirmation from Loto-Québec, I refused to even believe it. I can’t believe how much I ended up winning by wagering so little!”

With her windfall, Johanne says she’ll be able to work fewer hours and pamper herself.




“I just froze!”

Geneviève likes the Chain Reactors Super Trails instant game for its fun animations.

She was shocked when the amount she won popped up on her device’s screen. “I just froze. I couldn’t believe it!” She even waited for Loto-Québec to confirm her win before sharing the good news with her family.

Geneviève said that, for now, she plans to invest part of her windfall.




“It’s my turn!”

Robin is an avid player of our online games and especially likes those with a progressive jackpot. While playing the Pots O’Luck slot machine, he noticed that, all of a sudden, the symbols were lining up on the reels. That’s when he exclaimed: “It’s my turn!” He knew he’d just pocketed the whopping $175,534 jackpot!

Since Robin loves winter, he told us he’ll be using part of his windfall to take a trip to a snow-laden destination, where he can play his favourite winter sports. An Easter getaway to Quebec City is also on his to-do list.




His losing hand won him big money!

In poker, the bad beat jackpot is a progressive jackpot that’s awarded to the player with the second-highest ranking hand. On November 30, Alexandre was the one to win it, meaning he took home $103,605. Overjoyed by his win, his way of telling his parents the good news was to enliven things up a bit by posing them a riddle!

With his windfall, Alexandre says he wants to invest part of his winnings, make a down payment on a house and pay off his car loan in full.




She believed it when she saw it.

Stacey knew she had won the Odds of the Gods slot game’s progressive jackpot. She quietly waited for a confirmation call from a Loto-Québec employee. She understood what was happening on the screen, since she had already won a prize in the same game. Despite her calm demeanour when she arrived at Loto-Québec, Stacey was still a bit excited. It was only when she received her cheque that she realized she had truly won.

Stacey plans to celebrate her win by taking a trip to the tropics with a few of her friends.




“It can happen to anyone!”

Claire regularly goes on our website to buy her lottery tickets, but sometimes, she wanders over to the casino games section and plays a few games.

And while playing the Mighty Griffin Megaways Jackpot RoyaleTM slot machine, she won a cool $107,931. She told us it was such a shock when her tablet started emitting sounds to alert her of her win!

Claire says she plans to use her windfall to travel, but one thing is for sure—she’ll continue to enjoy life to the fullest, both at work and behind the handlebars of her motorcycle!




Big plans for the future

Luc likes to play on lotoquebec.com and is especially fond of games with progressive jackpots.

On October 19, he had a stroke of luck while playing Chain Reactors, an instant game. He pocketed the $265,687 progressive jackpot!

Luc, who’s over the moon, says he’ll use part of his windfall to add a garage to his property and treat himself.




“It’s indescribable!”

Denise says she loves playing online because it’s easy and fun. However, she was at a loss for words as she described what she experienced on October 22

After she was done playing the MegaJackpots Mistress of Egypt slot machine, she received a call from a Loto-Québec employee, who confirmed that she’d won the $623,406 progressive jackpot. “What I experienced that day—it’s indescribable!” she told us.

Denise says that, with her windfall, she intends to treat herself and spoil her children.




Her win gave her goosebumps!

Line was playing Bar King Deluxe while watching TV. She thought her dogs had somehow gotten their paws on the screen when sounds started emanating from the game. She soon realized that the game was being prolonged because she’d just won the progressive jackpot. A shiver of excitement ran through her when she was told she’d won $105,407.

She told us that she plans to use her windfall to treat herself and that she can’t wait!




Good times are on the horizon!

Martin discovered the CH Keno game on October 2. The size of the progressive jackpot is what got his attention, so he tried his luck at the game. Although he saw the words “Major Jackpot” pop up on-screen, he wasn’t quite sure how much he’d won. When he spoke to a Loto-Québec customer service team member, they confirmed his win: $121,309!

Good times and new memories await Martin, who says he’ll use part of his windfall to buy a cottage.




“I was speechless.”

Bryan was on the hunt for new games to play on lotoquebec.com. He settled on Pots O’ Luck, which he’d never tried before. After going over the game rules, he played for a few minutes, then saw an animation pop up on the screen—letting him know that he’d won the progressive jackpot.

“When I saw those three pots of gold, I was speechless. I can’t believe I won that much money by playing an online game!” the winner confided.

Bryan says his plans include treating himself and spoiling family members.




“I was both thrilled and super nervous!”

Laurent sets aside time each week to try out new games and play his favourites online.

He recently had a stroke of luck when he played the Odds of the Gods slot game and won the $131,002 progressive jackpot!

“I was both thrilled and super nervous because I’ve never had such a big lottery win before!” the winner confided.

Laurent says he’ll use his unexpected windfall to spoil his father and twin brother.




“I couldn’t believe it!”

Stefanie was aware that the progressive jackpot had been won, but she hadn’t thought for a second that she was the one who won it. It was only after she got a call from Loto-Québec that she understood she was now $883,459 richer! And who can blame her. It’s not every day that Lady Luck smiles on someone to this extent!




“I did not see that coming!”

“I play the game once a week, because I love the animations.” However, that week, Sylvain had to pause the game even though he hadn’t finished playing it. It was a member of the Loto-Québec team who called him up afterwards to tell him the good news—that he’d won over $100,000!




“No way!”

On July 17, Yves got a phone call from us informing him that he’d won $835,912 with MegaJackpots® Wolf Run!

He’d played the game the day before, and had seen that the progressive jackpot had been triggered, but had no idea that he was the lucky winner of it. “No way!” he exclaimed when the Loto-Québec agent told him the good news. “It shook me to my core a little. I couldn’t believe it!”

Yves says he’s wasted no time in enjoying his new windfall to the fullest and is already in the process of purchasing a new car.




“Is this really happening?”

Lyna cried out so loud when she saw that the Odds of the Gods’ progressive jackpot had been deposited in her lotoquebec.com account—so loud in fact, that her spouse thought she’d just seen a spider! The truth, however, was a lot merrier! At the time, she thought: “Is this really happening to me?”

Lyna says she plans to spoil family members and invest a portion of her windfall.




“I couldn’t believe it.”

Felipe and his dad sometimes play on lotoquebec.com. Not having a favourite game, Felipe chose to give Mega Pots Mega X a go. And what a surprise it was when the tidy sum of $229,320 popped up on his screen! He says he had trouble believing his luck.

The winner says he intends to spoil his father, as it was thanks to him that Felipe was able to go to university. A trip to Peru to visit family is also in the cards.




“No way!”

“No way!” was Maeva’s reaction when she showed the prize she’d just won to her partner. Chain Reactors Super Trails is a game that she enjoys playing.

The winner can add this $125,954 win to her list of happy blessings—not only is she a new mom but she recently just bought a home, too!




A picture-perfect win

After playing two rounds of the MegaJackpots Mistress of Egypt slot, Lise triggered the bonus game and saw the MegaJackpots winning symbol pop up.

A proud Lise sent a picture to her daughter with the message: “I won $500!” However, when her daughter took a second look at the photo, she saw that her mother had actually won over $500,000!

Lise says she plans to use part of her winnings to finance a cruise and is not too sure of how she’ll spend the rest yet. Maybe her odyssey will inspire her?




The call that changed everything

When Pierrette saw the MegaJackpots symbol on her screen, she was unaware that she’d won. In fact, she was baffled when Loto-Québec called her to tell her the good news.

The second call she received left her in no doubt that she’d won. It was clear when she heard the words “Congratulations, Ms. Plante, you won $501,540 with MegaJackpots™ Elephant King!”

Thanks to her winnings, her dream of purchasing an electric car is now a reality.




“Is that what a jackpot looks like?”

Jenny and her husband were taking turns playing the Notre-Dame slot game on lotoquebec.com.

During her turn, Jenny was surprised to see an animation appear on the screen: a rainbow with a message confirming she had won the $104,486 progressive jackpot! “Is that what a jackpot looks like? ” she asked her husband.

She mentioned that she is planning some home renovations. She is also going to give another part to a charity.




“The game is easy. Just enter your numbers and bam!”

Caroline Cormier was playing Keno Les Canadiens de Montréal when she had the pleasant surprise of winning the progressive jackpot. The prize amount was enough for her to dream about many possibilities. For now, she wants to spoil her family and make some investments.




Big win with Powerbucks

On April 28, Sylvain won the Powerbucks progressive jackpot—$1,728,271—while playing Powerbucks™ Wheel of Fortune Elegant Emeralds™ on lotoquebec.com.

Thinking he’d won only $90, it wasn’t until he received a call from a Loto-Québec representative that he found out he’d won an amount that was, shall we say, much bigger than anticipated!

Sylvain says that, for the time being, he’ll be investing part of the money. However, he’s already treated himself to some brand-new sunglasses!




His last bet led to a big win!

Ever since he opened an account on lotoquebec.com, Marc-André has enjoyed purchasing his lottery tickets on the website—which he deems user-friendly—and discovering new casino games.

On April 20, after getting lucky with the Odds of the Gods slot machine, he decided to place one last bet. And he’s happy he did—because he ended up win class="txt"ning the $496,511 progressive jackpot!

Thanks to his windfall, Marc-André says he’ll be able to make investments and study full time.




Lucky her!

Barbara enjoys visiting our website and is often on the lookout for prizes she’d love to win.

On April 9, the MegaJackpots™ Elephant King™ progressive jackpot caught her eye. She was already familiar with this type of game, and had won another similar prize almost a year ago. This time around, She pocketed $810,891. Lucky her!

Barbara says she wants to take some time to think about what she’ll do with her windfall, but says she does plan to invest some of the money.




He got lucky quickly

Bill loves playing the lottery and always keeps an eye on how high some progressive jackpots have climbed. He’ll play a game when the jackpot is big.

On April 12, it was the Pots O’Luck progressive jackpot that caught Bill’s eye. To his surprise, it only took a few minutes of him playing the slot machine before he won the $402,232 jackpot.

Bill is over the moon, and says he plans to purchase a new car and celebrate his win with his son.