Lightning Box’s slot games are fun for everyone. You’ll travel and go on an adventure in each game.

Here’s why these games will blow you away!

The experience: With high-quality graphics, innovative bonus rounds and movie-like soundtracks, the player and innovation are put first, and it shows.


Among the twenty or so games on our website, you’ll be struck by Lightning Shenlong, Outlaw Waysfecta, Kalahari Safari and Lightning Leopard. Have fun checking them out!

Lightning bolt

Several games in the collection feature lightning bolt wilds that can award free spins, split symbols or lead to jackpots.

Get your fill of fun with these popular games!

Travel to the Far East with the golden dragon.

Bets start at $0.40

Test your reflexes in the Wild West!

Bets start at $0.30

Lightning can strike at any time in the heart of the jungle!

Bets start at $ 0.40

You don’t need to be a king to admire the riches of this African savannah.

Bets start at $0.40

Brave the Arctic cold and take part in the adventure!

Bets start at $0.40

Castaways run in every direction when tornadoes touch down.

Bets start at $0.30

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Did you know?

Lightning Box slot games stand out thanks to their unique features :

  • Lightning Respin
  • Lightning Jackpot
  • Stellar Jackpot
  • Waysfecta
  • Reelfecta

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