Check out our new
bingo platform

Play on any device!

Major improvements

You can now play for progressive jackpots by getting winning patterns, not just a full card!

  • Chat with other players via an updated interface, with more emojis and opportunities to interact!
  • Choose from over 50 slot games to play on the side.
  • Get a feel for our games by playing them in Demo Mode.
  • Choose your lucky numbers.
  • Customize your dauber.
  • Switch from one bingo room to another easily.

A whole new look

Our mission: to offer you a bingo platform that’s loads more fun and feels like a home away from home. Let us know if we got it right!

Mini games progressive jackpots

With the arrival of our new platform, the 10 mini games have been removed. Contributions to the progressive jackpots for these games will be awarded to players through promotions over the next few months. The mini games have been replaced with over 50 new casino games!